Sunday, June 22, 2014

Drink Goddesses 1-5

So almost 2 years ago I participated in a show in Florida. There was no particular theme. When I first started customizing munnys I liked to do females because it was something I didn't see much of, especially since this customizing arena is predominantly males. I especially enjoyed leaving their faces without features so as to focus on the theme and details of the concept. Anyway, I just randomly came up with the concept of making a Pina Colada Drink Goddess.  I used a 4 inch munny as the infrastructure of the sculpt. They all measure about 6-7 inches in height. I use a wood base to support the figure so that it's handled by the base. I always use the term goddess for my females. I've continued to make them because they are so unique, people seem to be receptive to the concept and enjoy them. I'm having a blast making them! The possibilities are endless as is the diversity of cocktails these days. So you will definitely see more of them to come. Later this week I will post progress pics of 3 new ones that I'm currently working on. If anybody has any great cocktail ideas for a sculpt shoot me an email. Thanks!

In order...
1. Pina Colada
2. Strawberry Daiquiri
3. Margarita
4. Sex On The Beach
5. Bloody Mary

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