Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wip Groot and Rocket

Was glad to be invited this year to participate in the Vinyl Thoughts Show, VT5 to be exact. The MadL platform was the chosen theme/platform for the show. Last time I created a MadL was several years ago, the 10 inch one and I created Frankenstein's monster. Normally I try not to make license product even though people eat that stuff up, understandably. I have to say I do enjoy taking a well known character and putting my own twist to it. So I chose Groot which I felt would compliment the platform, the only thing I did was remove the ears and sculpted against the platform. Of course he had to have Rocket with him, so I sculpted a micro munny which fit perfectly atop of his head. Once the show go live, I will post completed pics of the full project. Let me know what you think...


I had a blast making these but most of the time I enjoy pretty much all I do. These mega androids are large, platform is 10 inches tall and 5/6 inches wide and of course with the sculpting slightly taller and wider. These were made for "Mysterious Creatures" Mega Android show at SubUrbanVinyl Gallery. I usually have a tendency to over sculpt because I just love sculpting. Now that I have been customizing much longer, I try to leave the over sculpting for original work and look at what suits the platform's natural form. So this project just popped in my head because I struggled with what to do for awhile and was perfect because the minions natural shape suited this platform. I deferred from elongating their bodies to avoid added too much height and weight to already big pieces. I changed their logo to some flames and "B" for Blazon. Kept it simple, but simple was still a lot of work because it required lots of sanding and at the time I was suffering with bursitis as a result of training and sculpting on top of it. Anyway, I got through it and I was happy with the end result. These guys are available to purchase on

Drink Goddesses 6-8

So, these posts are a bit late but I wanted to update the blog in sequence. The goal is post as the work is happening and when completed, otherwise what's the point of the blog right? Anyway, I definitely plan on continuing the drink goddesses, I foresee some cool things with these girls. The next 3-4 will have a unique twist to them, time to change it up but I won't give away any spoilers. In sequence from top to bottom, Black Crush, Amaretto Sour, and Mai Tai.  My favorite to make of these was the black crush, which was the first dark skinned girl and was so much fun to do those curls. I definitely want to make more curly hair for sure. If anyone ever has any great suggestions for drink goddesses I would love to hear the feedback. The girls were made for the "Put Your Munny Where Your Mouth Is" show at Doogallery here in Atlanta on July 26th, 2014.