Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I had a blast making these but most of the time I enjoy pretty much all I do. These mega androids are large, platform is 10 inches tall and 5/6 inches wide and of course with the sculpting slightly taller and wider. These were made for "Mysterious Creatures" Mega Android show at SubUrbanVinyl Gallery. I usually have a tendency to over sculpt because I just love sculpting. Now that I have been customizing much longer, I try to leave the over sculpting for original work and look at what suits the platform's natural form. So this project just popped in my head because I struggled with what to do for awhile and was perfect because the minions natural shape suited this platform. I deferred from elongating their bodies to avoid added too much height and weight to already big pieces. I changed their logo to some flames and "B" for Blazon. Kept it simple, but simple was still a lot of work because it required lots of sanding and at the time I was suffering with bursitis as a result of training and sculpting on top of it. Anyway, I got through it and I was happy with the end result. These guys are available to purchase on

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